Inside Ujimaa, Jordan Subban’s New Site Elevating BIPOC-Owned Businesses

Inside Ujimaa, Jordan Subban's New Site Elevating BIPOC-Owned Businesses

Chasing his NHL dream, Jordan Subban found himself faced with a nightmare.

Living dorm life in his second year as a pro at Utica, New York, and playing for the Vancouver Canucks’ affiliate team—the Comets—Subban and his teammate were robbed at gun point. Gone were personal items he cherished as well as those that helped him disconnect from the everyday grind of working towards the big leagues, like his Xbox.

That scarring event pushed Subban to move to a new place as soon as he could. He also took some time to reflect, and the ever-positive 25-year-old decided he wanted to find more productive ways to spend the hours he would usually kill playing his gaming console.

“I started taking online courses for computer programming and app development,” Subban said. “It was really iOS app development, that’s what I really liked. I would be programming on the road, doing front-end design, learning all of that, and I loved it.”

Picking up new hobbies or shows to watch since the COVID-19 pandemic hit Canada in March has been the new normal, but that early proactiveness from Subban meant he was ready to go chase another dream when the world came to a halt. His passion for technology in combination with the desire to contribute to the fight for racial justice and equal opportunity led him to create Ujimaa, a platform designed to elevate BIPOC- and women-owned businesses. The name originates from the Swahili language and means collective work and responsibility.

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